2022 CSA Shares Available

Get a share in our CSA and eat well all season long. Every week from the middle of June through the end of October you will receive a generous array of fresh produce right from our fields. And not just any old vegetables. Sure, we grow the crops everyone recognizes, but we have varieties no store carries, things both old and new that we have chosen for their taste, their vigor and their looks: Golden Glory zucchini, Merlot Napa cabbage, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Adirondack Blue potatoes. Plus we grow a wide array of delicious but less familiar crops, such as celeriac, kohlrabi,  lemon grass, tatsoi, Thai basil, shell beans, fennel, daikon.

In addition to all that produce, you get to know where your food grows, how it is grown and who grows it. That does not seem like a lot to ask for. After all, you are eating this stuff. But we usually have to live with a food system that largely tries to hide such information. It is far cheaper and more efficient to disregard such questions–for the people who sell food, that is. Plus, who really wants to know how Hot Pockets come to be? But real food comes from real places, and you have every right to know more about what you eat. That knowledge is built into the CSA. Not only do we share with you what we are doing, but you are also free to come out and see for yourself, poke around, ask questions, pick a pepper.

To join the CSA, just fill out the online form and pay at least the downpayment (or download and mail in the PDF form with a check). If you have any questions about the share or the farm that our FAQs or old newsletter do not answer, please get in touch with us.