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The Alleged Farm is located in the Town of Easton, in the rolling hills of southern Washington County, New York. We farm on fields under continuous cultivation since 1788 and take our stewardship of the land seriously. For us, that means a commitment to sustainable practices such as crop rotation, reduced tillage and the use of cover crops and compost in order to promote and maintain the health of the earth.

We are also committed to growing tasty and healthy crops. We believe that fresh local produce tastes better and that crops grown without the use of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide are better for you and for everything that lives on our farm. We do everything we can—from choosing varieties to choosing when to harvest a crop—to ensure that our customers receive the best possible produce.

We are hiring for the 2023 Season

We  seek workers willing to commit to at least one full season (the middle of April through the middle of November), and who are excited to learn more about farming, unafraid of hard work and willing to ask questions. Ideally, applicants will be seeking a position in which they can take on significant responsibility for basic farm operations and gain a more complete understanding of how the farm operates as a business, as part of a community, and as a vocation.

The job involves every aspect of small-scale vegetable production, from starting seedlings in the greenhouse to selling at farmers’ market. Most of the time is spent cranking through the long list of physically demanding, repetitive tasks required to produce a crop and pack it out on schedule. That said, we take pains to make sure the work is sustainable and sometimes even enjoyable. We try to work regular hours, and find time to talk, think, take pride in what we accomplish, and enjoy what we produce.

At least one season on a vegetable farm is preferred, Willingness to work hard, strong back, driver’s license and sense of humor are required. Pay is $2000 a month, plus all the beets you can eat, and we have housing available on the farm.

To apply, send an email to [email protected] explaining why you are interested in farming and in our farm. Please include some sort of resume and at least two references.

Thomas Christenfeld
The Alleged Farmer

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