The Alleged Farm News – 18 August, 2016

This week’s share: Genovese basil, Beets, Cilantro, Eggplant, Garlic, Lettuce, Melon, Mustard greens, Walla Wall onion, Squash, Tomatoes


This will be brief because I am at a rowing regatta. And for the first time in 31 years, to race as well as to watch.

What, one might fairly ask, would cause a farmer to take up arduous aerobic exercise? Well, as I have already indicated, I have not really taken it up, just returned to it. Though that just avoids the real question. Certainly, I am not returning to some earlier triumph. I had one of the least distinguished rowing careers possible. Nor am I trying to make up for past failures–and even if I were it is frankly quite unlikely I would succeed.

So why do I get up insanely early three mornings away to mess about in boats before a day of farming? I blame Liz. She started it. She joined the team last year and I never fully learned to sleep through her departure. I figured if I was going to wake up at that hour anyway I might as well get something in return.

Though clearly I should have sought something good. Something like a decent croissant, a good mug of tea and a challenging crossword. Instead I have ended up with 75 minutes of strain and frustration, plus the occasional blister, which is an odd way to start your farming day since a farming day generally just consists of another eight to ten hours of strain and frustration, plus the occasional blister.

I am beginning to wonder if maybe I just have a taste for strain and frustration. That would certainly help to explain both rowing and farming. Or maybe I just like blisters.